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We specialise in architectural concrete structures.

We are formwork, reinforcement and concrete pour (FRP) specialists who manage the FRP process as the single point of contact. We understand the demands and challenges of construction and provide a reliable, trustworthy and self-managed team for a hassle-free construction process. 

We provide technical formwork solutions, reinforcement and concrete placement for all types of architectural and non-architectural designed structures, which include;

  • Bespoke Concrete Structures

  • Curved & Straight Walls

  • Suspended Slabs

  • Staircases

  • Lift Shafts & Stairwells

  • Round & Square Columns

  • Retaining Walls

We pride ourselves on providing a value for money service, no matter the complexity of design. We'll find the most economical solution to achieve the desired outcome.

Our standards to deliver high quality work is non-negotiable, inclusive of the most complex designs. We'll find the most economical and practical solution to achieve the desired outcome.

During the design development stage, we can offer constructability advice enabling time and cost efficiencies. We can develop construction methodologies and staging plans for internal or external presentations.





Newcastle NSW


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We provide uncompromising attention to detail delivering Quality products whilst providing overall Value for Money


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